Welcome to my website. This is where I want to share my experiences and understanding with you. I do not intend in any way to be critical towards any other stream of medicine. I respect all the different systems of medicine existent in the world be it the conventional medical system, homeopathy, ayurveda, siddha medicine, unani, chinese medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic and many more.. I believe there is a place for each and everyone of them!

What is to look at health differently?

Most of the alternate systems of medicine have evolved naturally and are unique to certain regions of the world. They are as rich and valuable to the lives and health of the people belonging to the region as their culture. We cannot ignore them or fail to recognise them. They definitely have a deeper connect to people’s lives even now and also historically. 

To me, health is a very individual experience.  “Each one to his own”. Everyone’s perception of life and life’s experiences are different, which means that the response in disease is also varied. So, it goes without saying that one formula cannot fit everyone. Epidemics and pandemics, I must say pose a different problem to countries, public health and resources. Hence, this may be an exception.  

Modus Operandi in Homeopathy: Similia Similibus Curentur.

“Let likes be treated by likes”.  This is done by carefully observing and understanding the disease picture and then matching it with the remedy picture. Interestingly, there are countless homeopathic remedies available to make the perfect match, the only requisite is that the homeopath must be aware of them. “The eye does not see what the mind does not know”.
So we cannot blame Homeopathy after all. If at all someone has to take responsibility then it would be the homeopath. From experience, I know that failures are the best way to learn because you do not forget that learning so easily. Perseverance can surely get us where we want to go even in the toughest of cases. For best and consistent results, we need to follow the principles with integrity and also take guidance from the universe. In other words, we use our higher mental faculties.

Different?.. The Homeopathic approach is individualistic:-

Homeopathy is different from other systems of medicine. Click here to know more.
Different individuals with the same diagnoses for eg., are treated differently. This is because the approach is individualistic. The individual approach to health is also prophylactic because it takes care of the response to disease in the first place. It takes care of our immunity if I may put it that way.

Homeopathy treats the man in the disease:-

The objective is to treat the man in the disease and not the disease in the man. The disease may be part however the man is the whole. So, we look at the overall picture. We observe what has changed from the state of optimal health. We look at the totality of all the symptoms.

We are all endowed with an innate intelligence to know what is right and what is wrong. It’s only needed to connect with that inner self.


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