Revathy likes to be known as a homemaker, is a mum of two amazing girls and currently lives in the US with her family.
She has shared the following:-

Revathy-looking-down-from-a-height“I take immense pleasure in writing this testimonial with an intention to spread the success in the process of overcoming my gallstones condition. During my Pregnancy & Post partum, I suffered pain and effects due to aggravated development of gallstones. Due to intolerable pain and many recurring episodes of pain, I was advised by a surgeon for the removal of gall bladder as the only solution. Back then, I was not really convinced with the solution of an organ removal as I was aware of the after effects.

It was very stressful for me to tolerate the pain and manage an infant along with my daily chores. Fortunately, my husband scheduled a meeting virtually. with SAJINI.

She is really an amazing professional who listened and understood my overall health history including our family’s medical history. After detailed sessions, She commenced the homeopathic treatment that didn’t interrupt my breastfeeding cycle.

As I was living in Singapore, we managed everything virtual. Doctor made sure that I’d receive my medicine at the right schedule without any delays. Every follow up calls were very detailed and helpful.

Within few weeks/months, the frequency of painful episodes reduced significantly and eventually there were no episodes at all. I continued with medicines but they were not a lot and definitely not daily intake type medicines.

Follow up:-

After 2 years, I happened to screen gall bladder and to my surprise, there were no more stones. I didn’t have to remove an organ.

Her treatment helped me with the lifestyle change too which helped me to move forward in an optimistic and stress-free way.

I am so fortunate & grateful for all the treatment I’ve received”.

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