Happiness, Health, Wealth & Freedom



The logo of Homoeopharos represents the core attributes, not only of the website but also of the practice: HAPPINESS, HEALTH, WEALTH & FREEDOM.

Happiness is the path to true health and success in life. Aristotle said, “HAPPINESS DEPENDS UPON OURSELVES”. It is created by the right attitude, meaning with right thoughts, right emotions and right actions. Earl Nightingale, famously known as the “Dean of Personal Development” referred to Attitude as the magic word.


HEALTH & WEALTH.. we all want in abundance, right? Holistic health of body, mind and soul is the greatest wealth anyone can have.
Homeopathy is both holistic and individualistic. Everyone of us is a separate individual with some unique characteristics. We may be certainly alike in so many ways, but as a Homeopath, what helps arrive at the similimum (the perfectly-aligned homeopathic remedy) are those symptoms which set us apart, the characteristic symptoms.


FREEDOM is the ultimate attribute of Homoeopharos. This means freedom from the fear of disease with a better understanding of one’s health. Thucydides said, “The secret of happiness is Freedom and the secret of freedom, Courage”.

Most of the time, we are not aware that what we do as a routine behaviour is the product of our deepest fears. The real challenge arises when we consciously attempt to make a change. There is a lot of discomfort because we are going into unfamiliar territory. With persistent repetition and overcoming the terror barriers, when we finally take the big leap, there’s freedom, at last.
At the level of the body, there are symptoms too, for eg., a hoarseness or a cough. The psyche however feels relaxed.



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