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As we get started.. 

‘Our Homeopathic Services’: There is a reason why you have visited this page. It’s no coincidence! So,
first things first, thank you for connecting.

On day 1 of this venture, a conscious decision was made and it can be summarised as such. No patient would be given any advice or information about why they should take Homeopathy. This may sound so odd and unusual in the times that we live in. For instance, there is so much of pressure and stress to advertise. It seems to me as though we need to speak or write about the service we provide, constantly.
Or else, we face the risk of getting lost in all the propaganda around us.

To some extent it is necessary, but, I am of the opinion that these days there is the risk of over exposure as well.

So, how different are these services?

Quality of the service is always more important than the quantity. So, it goes without saying that it’s absolutely crucial to attract the right people. In other words, those who are genuinely seeking to heal themselves from the inside. Definitely not someone who is looking for a quick fix. I believe that the latter have not understood the process yet.
One thing can be assured at this point. Once you decide to take homeopathy, it will be a beautiful and fruitful journey to long-lasting health, happiness and freedom. The intentions behind our homeopathic services are certainly of the purest kind.

Wallace D. Wattles says, ‘Leave every person you meet with an impression of increase. Give them the best you have got. Fall in love with the idea of helping the other person enjoy an abundant life which is their birth right’. Isn’t this beautiful?

Homeopathy surely has infinite potential, waiting to be tapped and so much gratitude for that.  

For the same reason, the services and results will speak for themselves. This definitely may take time, depending on the individual case & duration of suffering, but is surely consistent and to stay. However, no claims are made here to cure any disease or medical condition.

What needs to be known?

The most important pre-requisite for anyone who decides to have a homeopathic consultation will be that they are well aware of homeopathy, read the relevant information, or have some experience of homeopathic treatment either for themselves or their family (which is most desired). 

They will be required to fill in a pre-consultation questionnaire answering some basic questions. This includes why they seek to have the consultation in the first place.

Important: No advice about vaccination will be provided.

If the patient is under any medication, it’s advisable that they seek the support and advice of their medical practitioner and then make a final decision about alternate methods of treatment.

The Homeopathic Case-take:

The homeopathic initial consultation will be a long one lasting at least 90 minutes for complaints that have lasted for weeks, months or years. For children, it will take about 60 minutes.

For complaints that are recent, the consultation should last up to 30 – 45 minutes.

In a nut shell:-

The entire onus of making the decision to take homeopathy will rest on the patient or the patient’s parents/guardian in case of children and elderly.

If you need to know more about the consultation itself, please do not hesitate to send a message.

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