If you would like to contact Sajini, please complete the form below. You shall receive a response within 24-48 hours during UK business hours (Monday – Friday, 09:00am to 5:00pm). Weekends and public holidays will be an exception. Thank you.

Are you sure you want to take homeopathy to impact your health positively? Then think no more. You are at the perfect place. Connect via this link.

Please note:

Kindly avoid sending marketing emails or emails to promote your business.

Though there is good will for your business, I am afraid, this is not the right place for that.

Honestly, to spend time responding to such emails, would be a waste of valuable time which can be utilised more meaningfully, towards the main goal of providing a quality service.

Homoeopharos does not directly support any third party businesses. There are no services offered on behalf of any other person or company. No products are sold on any other platform.



Hence, the focus will be on providing good homeopathy and always making it better.

So much work needs to be done and so many who genuinely need help for their health.

There are at least a few people who seek alternate/complementary health care. There is a special opportunity here which surely needs undivided attention and clear focus. When the intention is pure and of the highest kind, just like homeopathy, the outcome is sure to

Thank you for your understanding once again. Best wishes to each and every one of you.

If you are in a different time zone:

Are you keen to connect. Then kindly send an email to sajini@homoeopharos.co.uk with the subject clearly stated as, “I would like to have an appointment”.  Most importantly, do mention your location and time preferences.
Your request will be attended to as soon as possible and surely, the most convenient time arrangement can be arrived at, subject to availability and convenience on both sides.

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