Heart of Homoeopharos

Pharos in greek means a lighthouse or a beacon. Likewise, for a true seeker, homoeopharos would be a guide to better health and well-being through homeopathy.


Happiness is the path to true health and success in life. Aristotle said, "Happiness depends upon ourselves". It is created by the right attitude, meaning with right thoughts, right emotions and right actions.

Health & Wealth

Holistic health of body, mind and soul is the greatest wealth anyone can have. Homeopathy is holistic and individualistic.


Freedom from the fear of disease with a better understanding of one's health. Thucydides said, "The secret of happiness is Freedom and the secret of freedom Courage".




"I am so fortunate & grateful for the treatment I have received. It has helped me with lifestyle changes too which has helped me move forward in an optimistic and stress-free way.."



IT Consultant

"We have been consulting Sajini for more than 2 years. She is professional & polite. She listens to the details of ailments carefully.."


Sapna Khandelwal

Ph.D (VLSI design)

"My daughter was 18 months old and her immunity was at an all-time low when we approached Sajini. She changed my perception and introduced me to a new way. Our journey with homeopathy and Sajini's expertise has been truly transformative".


Gratitude to Dr.Prafull Vijayakar

He was called the lion of Homeopathy. He left us for his heavenly abode, on the 17th of December, 2020.   Dr.Prafull Vijayakar is the founder of Predictive Homeopathy. His teaching of diseases and the Read more…

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